For devices of 12” Semi-conductor factories.
For precision devices of optoelectronic industry.
Low transmissibility. Increase yield.
Increase resolution of the inspection equipment.
  1. low transmissibility (Z ≦ 4 times (range 1 Hz to ~ 100 Hz))
  2. a good isolation
  3. have high stiffness and excellent dynamic characteristics
  4. lightweight than same available product
  5. design and manufacture for your particular specifications
  1. Production facilities for precision electric and electronic factories:
    Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), Scanning probe microscope (SPM), and so on.
  2. Production facilities for semiconductor factories:
    Scanning Machine (SCANNER), Stepping Machine (STEPPER),Optical inspection machine (CD-SEM), and so on
  3. Production facilities for photoelectricity industrial devices:
    Lithography System (ALIGNER), Repairing Machine (REPAIR) Coater (COATER), Photo Spacer Inspection System

*applicable to the nanotech grade of all precision machinries

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