This product is a revolutionary platform of the vibration absorption. Take advantage of unique high damping material and internal structure layout to achieve effects of vibration reduction. The platform can upgrade micro vibration environment and is suitable for use in semiconductor and photovoltaic industries.
  1. absorption ( average Z ≦2 (range 1 Hz to ~ 100 Hz))
  2. the effect of high vibration absorption
  3. high damping characteristics and a lightweight structure
  4. decrease dynamic load of floor thereby reducing the change of the original structural features
  5. design and manufacture for your particular specifications
  1. Production facilities for semiconductor factories:
    Stepping Machine (STEPPER),Optical inspection machine (CD-SEM), Overlay, Chemical Mechanical Polishing, (CMP), and so on
  2. Production facilities for photoelectricity industrial devices:
    Repairing Machine (REPAIR) Coater (COATER), Photo Spacer Inspection System Length Measuring Machine, Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) Equipment, and so on

  Republic of China M343036
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