A system monitors 24-hour plants and facilities microvibration environment. To the best knowledge, the system can effectively sense vibration sources, reduce vibration risks, make a stable production environment, enhance productivity, and prevent facility vibration environment disturbance.
  1. A system monitors and records the whole microvibration of process. For example, the system is applicable to a long time environment vibration monitoring of precision machinery. For a specific period of changes in the environment vibration, the system is also applicable to the analysis and diagnosis. Data records of the environment vibration are stored in for a long time.
  2. Status of the facilities is monitored so as to facilitate predictive maintenance.
  3. The operation is simple and adjustable.
  4. Domestic product that provides real-time performance of the service.
  1. Production facilities for precision electric and electronic factories Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), Scanning probe microscope (SPM), and so on.
  2. Production facilities for semiconductor factories Lithography System, Scanning Machine (SCANNER), Stepping Machine (STEPPER), E-beam lithography (EBL), and so on
  3. Production facilities for photoelectricity industrial devices (ALIGNER), Repairing Machine (REPAIR), Coater (COATER), and so on
  4. other: nuclear power plants, petrochemical plants, high speed rail

*existing factory building in case of micro vibration issues

Expert analysis system

microvibration analysis software

Signal processing modules

16 channels
each channel magnification to 100%, 10 times, 30 times low-pass filter consists of 100 Hz, 200 Hz, 400Hz, 800Hz, and 1000Hz.


mouse, keyboard, screen (option)

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